Kathryn Magee

Bachelor of Science: Physics


Mathematics & Theology and Religious Studies


Summa Cum Laude
De La Salle
Galileo Galilei


Happy Valley, Oregon

Award Bio

Kathryn Magee is a Physics major with Mathematics and TRS minors, and is passionate about bringing her faith, science, and justice together. At SMC, she served as president of InterVarsity Christian Fellowship and captained the Debate team. After graduation, she is excited to serve college students across the Bay as a campus staff minister. She thanks her family and friends for their love!

My Greatest Supporters

My Family - Mom, Dad, Ryan, Aunt Toria, and more
My Lasallian Community and Assumptionites
My Profs - Coblentz, Barram, Carpenter, Ray, Rosario, and everyone who pushed me to work harder
My Debate team - Bella, Luke, Marielle, Jem, Mayo, Barb, Ojaswi, Andrea
My InterVarsity Fam - JC, Arzella, Mikayla, Sarah, Brett, Tyler, Hadley, Elliott, Nicole, Dante
My Squad - RZ, Juls, Jazmin, Sarah
Bethany <3

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

A spontaneous picnic on chapel lawn with some of my favorite people, just spending community time together laughing and eating good food. I've traveled all over with some of them, from Missouri to Canada, but that moment on the grass is my favorite because it is such a simple joy to share an afternoon with people you love.

My Next Chapter

I'll be working in the bay as a campus ministry intern for InterVarsity Christian Fellowship! I’m beyond excited to start working on a staff team that shares my passion for Christ and college students. InterVarsity was a huge part of my college experience: it’s where I met some of my closest friends and dug deep into my faith, and I can't wait to serve the next generation of students this fall.

Clubs and Activities

InterVarsity Christian Fellowship
Macken Debate and Speech Team
STEM Center Tutor
Lasallian Community
Liturgical Choir and Cantor

Favorite Quote

"So keep dancing your prayers, and the way will open before you. Search, and you will find. Keep sending up your prayers, and they will be heard."
— Creator Sets Free (Luke 11:9)