Maile Shelley

Bachelor of Arts: Justice, Community, and Leadership: General




Cum Laude
Sister Clare Wagstaff, CHS, Ph.D., AFSC Ministry


Sacramento, California

Award Bio

Maile Shelley graduates with a BA in Justice, Community, and Leadership, and a minor in Sociology, and will pursue her master's degree in Leadership and Organizational Development. Maile has been a model of inclusive community, first as a member of the Lasallian Community, then as its Resident Advisor, and in her work as Lasallian Peer Minister for GaelPantry and Retreats.

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters are my parents, my brothers, and friends! I would like to thank the JCL and Sociology departments for guiding me through my education at Saint Mary's. Thank you to the Mission and Ministry Center and Residential Experience allowing me to grow as a leader.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite memories at Saint Mary's have all been with the Lasallian Community including the fall retreat and community nights... Oh, and taking my duty partner Melissa to the ER.

My Next Chapter

Complete my Masters in Leadership and Organizational Development 4+1 at Saint Marys! Then hopefully join the Lasallian Volunteers!

Clubs and Activities

Lasallian Community member and mentor
Resident Advisor
Lasallian Peer Minister for GaelPantry
Lasallian Peer Minister for Retreats

Favorite Quote

"They say the best blaze burns brightest when circumstances are at their worst"
— Hayao Miyazaki