Agnes Lurli Librodo

Bachelor of Arts: English




Cum Laude


Hayward, California

My Greatest Supporters

Shoutout to my twin sis Anica, Mom, and Dad. Words aren't enough to describe how much you've strengthened me. I never expected that I'd make it this far, and yet here I am. I purple you. I would also like to shoutout my APASA family, Jumpstart homies, Homeboyz apartment, dance community, and all of my friends who've stayed by my side.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Fav memory? Well, all of the moments when my friends and I laughed together come to mind. In class, a boba shop, or a skatepark in the middle of the night. ALL of it. I laughed so much I'll probably cough up a lung soon. Worth it. Also, I would just like to add that it's been an honor being the English program's comedic genius. I exist to entertain, and I'm glad y'all liked my terrible jokes :,)

My Next Chapter

I'm not good at looking towards the future, haha. What else is there but now, ya know? But if there's one thing I can guarantee about what's next, it's that I'll keep trying to embrace every aspect of myself. Instead of trying to be a "good" person, I'll just try to be me :) The real me is just as epic as the heroes I've written about in my stories, so I'll try to focus more on my own. 할 수 있어!

Clubs and Activities


Favorite Quote

“Did God know he created a legend in '99?”
— Rich Brian