Alexis Glover

Bachelor of Arts: Ethnic Studies


Oakland, CA

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporter is my mom. Shout out to pops too.
Thank you to the Sekona family for introducing me to rugby.
Thank you to Ryan Burke and Coach Mateo for talking me out of playing college football so I can focus on rugby full time. You guys believed in me before I did.
Thank you to the Oakland Warthogs for helping me financially with scholarships.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Memories I will never forget are being with my teammates almost 24/7. Traveling with these guys to multiple countries, and winning games. We went through it all together. I also will never forget some of my classmates that helped me get comfortable at SMC when I transferred there. Especially during the seminar classes when I didn't say a word. Good looking out

My Next Chapter

I want to accomplish everything I put my mind towards. My show I'm having this summer with my guy Henry, pursuing Rugby overseas, and investing. We can start with that. After that, taking risks, traveling and learning new things yearly. No Ceilings Entertainment coming in summer 2021! Tap in with us

Clubs and Activities

Rugby all day

Favorite Quote