Amrita Kalsi

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Entrepreneurship


Fremont, California

My Greatest Supporters

My incredible parents who have supported me through all my achievements. My amazing advisors who have given me the strength at every moment through my college journey. All my friends who turned the most difficult situations into the most funniest ones. Lastly, my wonderful professors who helped me strive to go above and beyond.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite memory was being with my friends in Cafe Luis. Hanging out there and sipping latte's after classes will always be memorable. Laughter yoga that made us all laugh hysterically at the craziest things. My Jan term dance classes that I was always excited to attend. The bell of the chapel that chimes every hour.

My Next Chapter

I will be taking time off to relax after graduation and spend some quality time with my family. After that the journey begins.

Favorite Quote

— R. S. Grey