Angie Menjivar

Bachelor of Arts: Sociology


Menlo Park, California

My Greatest Supporters

My friends and family. I wouldn't be here if my parents had not sacrificed a lot in order for me to become a first generation college grad. I thank them everyday for what they have done for giving me the life that I have now. My best friends have always been by my side helping me through ups and downs and without them, I wouldn't be the strong individual I am today.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Meeting those who I call my best friends now. Spending late nights studying with Franny in the classrooms in Dante. Rooming with my favs, Clara, Jazmine and Gabby. Feeling welcomed within the Sociology department and finding my passion of sociology through the classes I took. Going to Denny's with the boyz, Vaibhav and Akhil.

My Next Chapter

I will be working as a Research Assistant for Art Builds Community, an art consulting firm in San Jose, and looking at master programs for sociology. I'd like to get my masters sometime within the next few years and further work as a researcher.

Clubs and Activities

High Potential Program

Favorite Quote

"You miss 100% of the shots you don't take."
— Wayne Gretzky