Antonio Espinoza

Bachelor of Arts: Theology and Religious Studies & Economics


Cum Laude


Brentwood, CA

My Greatest Supporters

I wouldn't have gotten through all this if it weren't for my family. My mom, dad, and two brothers Diego and Mateo were always there to support me.

All my friends taught me things I couldn't have learned alone.

Shout out to Ross Leong, Jacob Ricafrente, Sarah Gallo, Clarissa Mongcupa, and Ruger Welty for always propping me up when I thought I'd fall.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Working late night shifts at the front desk in the library because my coworkers were great friends and turned an unexciting college job into a party. Sharing stories with them and getting to talk to friends passing through the library was an enjoyable time I cherish.

My Next Chapter

This fall I will enter the seminary for Diocese of Oakland to study for the Catholic priesthood. God willing, after 6-7 years of formation I will be ordained a diocesan priest.

Favorite Quote

"Remember that the Christian life is one of action; not of speech and daydreams. Let there be few words and many deeds, and let them be done well."
— St. Vincent Pallotti