Ariana Harr

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Marketing




Moon Township, Pennsylvania

My Greatest Supporters

Thank you to my parents for their endless love and support throughout my time at SMC, and giving me the opportunity to go to SMC. Thank you to my older sister, Esperanza, for being my anchor and always encouraging me.Thank you Jen Herzog, Shelby Perez Daniel McCarthy, and the rest of the NSFP family for believing in me and pushing me through my leadership experience at SMC.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Applying to be a Weekend of Welcome leader (WoWie) at the end of my first year at SMC was the best decision I made. Being involved is what made my experience at Saint Mary's what it was. Being a WoWie not only led me all of my closest friends, but also opened the Saint Mary's leadership path for me. I then had the opportunity to become a Saint Mary's Orientation, which I did for two years.

My Next Chapter

I will be living in Huntington Beach, CA after I graduate, living and spending time with my family as I prepare for my future. I hope to travel and soak in the summer. I also plan to work at my part-time retail job as I look for the perfect marketing position with a company I am passionate about.

Clubs and Activities

Weekend of Welcome Leader 2018-2020
-Co-team Lead for Weekend of Welcome Carnival 2019
-Co-team lead and originator of Weekend of Welcome SMChefs Zoom cooking show 2020
Orientation Leader 2019-2020
Gael Force VP of Marketing 2020/2021
Student Coordinator for Applied Marketing Research Fall 2020
Liturgical Choir 2018-2020
Music for Good Social Media Coordinator 2017/2018

Favorite Quote

"All of us, at some time or other, need help. Whether we're giving or receiving help, each one of us has something valuable to bring to this world"
— Mister Rogers