Brianna Fletcher

Bachelor of Science: Math: Pure Track


History of Art


Elk Grove

My Greatest Supporters

Thank you to my parents for supporting me, especially throughout these four years. Thank you to my professors for leading me through undergraduate math and art history. Thanks especially to Professor Conner and Professor Dopfel for your guidance and sage advice. And finally, thank you to Marilyn Sosa, Sonali Lalwani, my boyfriend Nate, and my math friends for making these four years a good time.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

At the start of COVID, I had some cold symptoms. Since concern for the virus had started to build, Sonali Lalwani and Marilyn Sosa decided to run to the store to buy a thermometer. Unfortunately, they weren't the only ones with the idea. They ended up spending about an hour driving from store to store in order to buy one, only to find that I didn't have a fever. It really was just a cold.

My Next Chapter

In Fall 2021, I will be moving to New York to begin working toward an MA in Statistics at Columbia!

Clubs and Activities

Worked as a tutor in the STEM Center
Led Calc Lab courses

Favorite Quote

It's not hard, you're just looking at it wrong.
— Prof. Hamaker, in Abstract Algebra