Christopher Joseph Timbreza Gallevo

Bachelor of Science: Math: Computer Science Track


Fremont, California

My Greatest Supporters

To me, my greatest supporters will always be my parents and my sister. Throughout my whole life, they have been there for me every step of the way. They always believed in me, even when I was struggling with self-doubt. I also can't forget the many professors and friends that I have met here at SMC. The support when I saw them on campus was special to me.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

There are many great memories that I have made at SMC that it would be too difficult to deem my #1 favorite memory. With that being said, I would say that taking Jan 131-01 in 2020 would be a top SMC memory that comes to mind. In that class, I learned how to fence alongside everyone else in the class. For our final class, we had to perform a lightsaber choreography that we practiced for weeks.

My Next Chapter

That chapter is still being written as I speak. Currently seeking out internship roles at smaller Computer Science companies in hopes of converting it into a full-time position. After a few years of industry experience, I plan to return to grad school for my master's.

Clubs and Activities

Coed Club Tennis Team
Associated Students
Collegiate Seminar Governing Board

Favorite Quote

"Trust your gut, keep throwing darts at the dartboard. Don’t listen to the critics and you will figure it out."
— Will Ferrell