Daniel Monroe

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Entrepreneurship


Campbell, California

My Greatest Supporters

My parents who pushed me everyday to be my best and pursue my goals in life.
My grandparents who have supported me and helped make attending St. Mary's a possibility.
Tory Golino - mentor and high school/men's rugby coach.
William Vines - football coach, and a male role model in my life.
Bob, Pete, and Hayden Gustafson - wrestling coaches. RIP Coach Bob
Gabriela Hopkins - English Teacher WHS

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite memory while attending St. Mary's was travelling to Italy with my rugby team. We worked incredibly hard to be a top 3 team every year, and I am proud of all my teammates who stuck this year out in light of all the complications due to COVID.

My Next Chapter

I will be pursuing a career in the Digital Marketing field, and continue to play rugby for the foreseeable future.

Clubs and Activities

Rugby Team

Favorite Quote

Never say never because limits, like fears, are often just illusions.
— Michael Jordan