Diana Carey

Bachelor of Arts: Theatre Performance and Theatre Studies


Magna Cum Laude


Beaverton, Oregon

My Greatest Supporters

Danielle Ferguson, from the Performing Arts Department. Over the years, she constantly pushed me to do more and to be the best possible technician, artist, and student. I owe everything to her encouragement and influence.
Also many other friends and professors: Amissa M, Deanna Z, Phillip G, Elizabeth N, Robert G, Hannah C, Sarah S. Naomi K, and so many more.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

There have been so many, so following the innovative lead of Colette Huber, I will list as many as I can: Being a WOW leader in 2019. NYC LSI w/ Victor and HB. Going to Bourbon Highway with my friends from the Class of '20. Attending RHA Trivia (and the wining streak my team had in 19-20). Performing in Lefevre. Doing homework in the townhouses. Many, many trips to In 'n Out blasting music.

My Next Chapter

I will be joining the Lasallian Volunteers and spending the next year teaching ELA at San Miguel School in Washington, D.C. I'm looking forward to adventuring in a new city and making new friends!

Clubs and Activities

Student Ambassador
Orientation / Weekend of Welcome Leader
AS Senator Class of 2021
LAB Internship Scholar '19
Founder/President of Gael Players (Theatre Club)

Favorite Quote

“I am what I am and you can't take it away with all the words and sneers at your command.”
— Cherríe L. Moraga