Diana Ruiz

Bachelor of Science: Kinesiology: Exercise Science


Bay Point, California

My Greatest Supporters

My friends and family that stood by me, motivated me, and supported me throughout my entire college experience are my greatest supporters. Most of all my parents who supported me in everyday possible so that I could succeed.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Any time that I made a friend or met someone that I got along with really well was a golden memory. It was rare for me to meet someone that I could keep in touch with because I worked and lived off campus 30 minutes away, so my favorite memories are the development of those friendships that I'm so grateful for.

My Next Chapter

I cannot wait to begin my career in sports medicine, I will start by beginning the massage program at the National Holistic Institute in Emeryville.

Favorite Quote

Por más diplomas, cargo, o dinero que tengas, como tratas a las personas es lo que define tu educación
— Cantinflas