Garrett Basich

Bachelor of Science: Psychology: Behavioral Neuroscience


Magna Cum Laude


Glendale, California

My Greatest Supporters

Thank you to my greatest supporters ever, my mom and dad, who have guided, encouraged and believed in me, and along the way, instilled values of kindness, loyalty and drive. My sister, brothers, dear friends and extended family have cheered me on, celebrated and challenged me, all for which I am truly grateful. For all the Starbucks gift cards, thank you, they made a big difference in my GPA.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My greatest memory is the experience at Saint Mary’s, not just one, but all of it. The friendships I will cherish forever. No matter what we were doing, we had fun. Relationships with my professors were amazing. I loved the challenges, the conversations, the hard questions, and countless office hour visits.

My Next Chapter

The learning continues in a PostBacc Pre-Medical Program.

Favorite Quote

"Friends help young men avoid error; to older people they give the care and help needed to supplement the failing powers of action which infirmity brings in its train; and to those in their prime they give the opportunity to perform noble actions"
— Aristotle