Janet Lee

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Digital Media & Marketing


Pleasanton, CA

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters are my family, friends, and professors! My family was always supportive of me and the decisions I made while in school, and made my online school experience at home more enjoyable. My friends were always there for me and always down for spontaneous adventures, where we made so many fun memories together. My professors were encouraging and caring, and were always helpful.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite SMC memory would be all the spontaneous iTea runs during the week! As a boba lover myself, I always enjoyed taking a nice walk/Lyft to get boba so I could finish all my homework!

My Next Chapter

So far I'm applying to jobs and internships and seeing which company would be the best fit for me. I can't wait to see what the future has in store for me!

Favorite Quote

She believed she could, so she did
— R.S. Grey