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Jennifer Jackson

Bachelor of Arts in Performing Arts: Liberal Education for Arts Professionals (LEAP)


Newport Beach, CA

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters during this recent academic journey have been: Mark Baird, for initially bringing me into the LEAP Program. Andrew Person & Stephanie Miller, for their encouragement and ongoing assistance during these past two years. Christian De Matteo & Erin Sweeny for opening my mind and spirit to new worlds I now cannot live without. Family & friends for taking interest in my passions.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

I recall the first moment I was on the campus in person; I was captivated by its beauty, the people met were kind and intriguing, and I felt so excited for the journey about to be embarked upon. Specifically with the LEAP Program, I feel so fortunate to have been placed under the wings of brilliant professors. Too many favorite moments from each course to list!

My Next Chapter

I plan to continue learning, exploring the world of literature, taking some chances, and possibly getting a masters degree. I hope to apply all I've learned during this journey to my future experiences. If can manage to do that, there will be many interesting chapters following this next one.

Clubs and Activities

LEAP Program