Jian Vincent Bumatay

Bachelor of Science: Biology



My Greatest Supporters

My mother, father, and sister have been by my side through good times and bad, and I can't ever repay them for all the things they've done for me. They've always been my best supporters, and I do this all of them.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

There are too many memories to call my favorite, but many of them stemmed from spontaneous plans. Study sessions ended up being the most memorable times, eating at Oliver Hall ended up having heart-to-heart conversations, lazy Mondays ended up feeling like the most exciting days I've ever had.

My Next Chapter

Going to medical school is the main plan to study and take a path towards being a surgeon. It's always been my dream to help others in need.

Clubs and Activities

Gael Gaming

Favorite Quote

"Either you're late or you're early. Pick one."