Jordan Barcena

Bachelor of Arts: Integral Liberal Arts


Creative Writing


Magna Cum Laude


S. San Francisco, California

My Greatest Supporters

Thank you to my family and friends who softened the blows of college life. Especially on those days long ago, when I needed to hear from the life I had shed in San Francisco. Thank you to those who would stay up late with me to share laughs. And especially to Papi who worked hard to fully support me so I that I could endeavor to graduate in such a manner that my hard work would parallel his own.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Some of the richest memories I made at St. Mary's had to be in my first year when I spent my nights star-gazing and studying the wildlife on campus!

Favorite Quote

"Mrs. Puff, can I be excused for the rest of my life?"
— Spongebob