Joshua Hall

Bachelor of Science: Psychology


Glendora, California

My Greatest Supporters

My family and close friends are my greatest supporters. I've been through many difficult challenges in my life but through every hardship, my family and friends were right there by my side. I could not be any more grateful for them.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Going to Monterey Bay with my girlfriend and other close friends. (kayaking, going to the aquarium, and walking around the city)

My Next Chapter

I will be looking for research assistantships at local universities in Los Angeles or Orange County. Once this process begins I will eventually look into applying to universities that specialize in Counseling Psychology or Sports Psychology. As a final short term goal, my intention is to be admitted into a doctoral program whether that be a PsyD or a PhD program.

Clubs and Activities

Psychology Club
National Society of Leadership and Success
ASL Club
Transfer Student Panelist

Favorite Quote

The moment you give up, is the moment you let someone else win.
— Kobe Bryant