Julianna Burkart

Bachelor of Science: Biology




Pleasanton, California

My Greatest Supporters

My Parents and Siblings, my gal squad <3 and my bio/science gang that got me through each class! Would not be here without y'all!

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

So many good ones it hard to narrow them down, whether it was getting temporarily lost in SF first weekend of Freshman year, Carpool Karyoke at Midnight, or going on spur of the moment Boba Runs, I'll never forget the memories. <3

My Next Chapter

I will be working in San Mateo as a scribe in the ER, and eventually go to Medical School to become a Doctor of Emergency Medicine, probably ending up back in California

Clubs and Activities

St. Luke's Pre-Health Society
Gael Force
Red Cross Club
Assumption Hall (Science and Honors) Live-in Science Mentor
Sacred Music Choir
Philosophy Club
Intervarsity Christian Fellowship (Science Group especially)
Students for Life Club
Lasallian Living Learning Community
Music for Good
RHA Freshman Intern
(Advanced Anatomy - yes, it was just a class but it took up all my free time 2nd semester Senior year so it gets an honorary spot)

Favorite Quote

"If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?"

(Note from Juls: Bc if you've ever seen my desk you know its cluttered haha)
— Albert Einstein