Karena Emilia Villa

Master of Business Administration


San Francisco, California

My Greatest Supporters

My parents and godmother have been my greatest supporters all throughout my college career. From my bachelor's degree to master's degree, they have offered any and all support they could to ensure my success as a student and working mom. And of course, my daughter, who has been my number fan and the one who is most proud of my accomplishments.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Not so much a memory but coincidence- I was born in San Francisco, Ca, and lived on the corner of Saint Mary's Ave and College Ave. I once didn't have the confidence to go to college but now I have both my bachelor's degree and Master's degree from Saint Mary's College. If that isn't fate, I don't know what is!

My Next Chapter

I now have two degrees and a few professional certifications under my belt. While I will continue to leverage my education to advance my career in the Security & Compliance sector, I will want to focus more time on my family and enjoy my daughter's childhood with her before she goes to college herself!

Clubs and Activities

The "working on a Master's degree while working a full-time job and raising a child" club =)

Favorite Quote

My maternal grandmother once said I could have anything I want in life, I just have to work for it. Her words rang loudly in my head as a young adult, and after the arrival of my daughter, I wanted my degree more than anything. My grandmother's words stuck with me throughout my college career, reminding me never to give up and always believe in myself.