Katie Marie O’Leary

Master of Arts in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counselor and School Counseling With a School Counseling Credential


Chicago, IL

My Greatest Supporters

I have so many!! Going to rapid-fire: Parham, Michelle, Anisha, Bran, Goose, my parents and brother, my MMC family, my Lasallian family, my grad school friends, my supervisors, my current and former professors/teachers, Cate, Yolanda, Ashley, Abby, Dom, the Brothers, Laura Heid & Eric Handy, honestly everyone that I have encountered is worthy of praise and love, wouldn't be here without y'all

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Half of my program has been in-person and half has been distance learning. So there were lots of special moments from both periods. My favorite is my first grad class ever, where I met a lot of the amazing people in my cohort and in this program. We had a lot of fun and did some whacky things in that class, but it bonded us so much! We still talk about the musical chairs and scream boxes!

My Next Chapter

I accepted a full-time position as an Academic and Social Emotional Counselor at Cristo Rey De La Salle East Bay High School in Oakland.

Clubs and Activities

Mission and Ministry - Immersions, Liturgies, GaelPantry, Social Media

Favorite Quote

oh ma god she on x-games mode