Madelyn Kenshol

Bachelor of Arts: Philosophy


Theology and Religious Studies



My Greatest Supporters

My biggest thank you has to be for my mom, dad, Rosey, and Ryan who have continuously supported me and shown me unconditional love from day one!! Of course, my second thank you is to my Grandma for supplying me with banana bread, homemade cookies, and so much laughter for all four years. Finally, thank you to my best friend, Lex Flores, our band Sattle Rake, and all you other goobers out there<3

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My absolute favorite memories have got to be all the nights I spent at the dorms on campus hanging out with friends, supporting each other, studying together, laughing till we cry, writing songs together, going on hikes, enjoying the pool, shouting at the top of our lungs how happy we all are together. I look back at my college experience with nothing but fondness, it's strange to think it's over!

My Next Chapter

Although it is not for certain yet, I want to get my PhD in philosophy. My number one goal in life is to become a professor of philosophy, hopefully in the field of gender or Western thought. Until then, I hope to write a book one day about the influence social media has on gender portrayals in the modern world. While I'm researching grad schools I'll be living in Sacramento with my parents.

Clubs and Activities

Lasallian Community
Pride Club
Dante's Divine Comedy reading group
C.S. Lewis reading group
Paradise Lost reading group
Water Polo
Sattle Rake

Favorite Quote

"I got a lot of people leaning me and, all I want to do is make them proud. But, this is my body, the only thing that I own entirely. It will carry me to greatness somehow." - Brian Sella