Micaela Morgan Mota

Master of Arts in Counseling, Marriage and Family Therapy, Professional Clinical Counselor and School Psychology With a School Psychology Credential


Richmond, CA

My Greatest Supporters

I want to thank my amazing and real-life angel on earth, my son, Julian. Thank you for being patient with me, understanding Mami was just doing what she needed to do for US ! I love you so much. To my other son, Madison. Thank you for reminding me to keep going. You motivate me with strength and energy. I also want to thank my husband, Genis, who understood the importance of my education. Mom. TY.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

I finished my tape supervision during Fall 2018, and the next day, I had my youngest son. Everyone who I saw the day before his birth on-campus sent me good baby vibes.

My Next Chapter

My next chapter will include using my soapbox to advocate for social justice, especially in lower SES communities and BIPOC.

Favorite Quote

I'm past patiently waitin' I'm passionately mashin' every expectation
Every action's an act of creation
— - Hamilton (Lin Manuel Miranda)