Michael Montinola

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Business Analytics


Sacramento, CA

My Greatest Supporters

Thank you Mom and Dad for working as hard as you do to allow me the opportunity to be here and to grow. Thank you to my two brothers, for pushing me and for paving the way for me to reach new heights. Thank you El and Joanne for all the love and support you have brought to our family. Thank you Cassy for believing in me when I didn't. To my entire family, thank you and I hope I made you proud!

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

I don't have a single favorite memory during my time at Saint Mary's. However, every friendship and connection I have made with other students, faculty, staff and other community leaders have helped me grow as an individual. These four years weren't always easy. I had to learn to love myself again and that I have to be my biggest fan. To every person that had my back and lifted me up I thank you.

My Next Chapter

I am moving back to my hometown in Sacramento to be close to my growing family and to strengthen the bonds I have there. In terms of my future career, I plan to pursue my interests in sustainability, technology and education. I want to continue to be creative and to ultimately give back to the community that raised me. I am not sure what the next chapter in my life is, but I know I can be great!

Clubs and Activities

Asian Cultural Night/Week (Intercultural Center)
Asian Pacific American Student Association (VP of Cultural Engagement)
Bay Area Youth Collaborative (C.I.L.S.A.)
Dance Company (Performing Arts)
IT Services (ITS Desk Analyst)
Monument Corps (C.I.L.S.A.)
Study Abroad Program (Sophia University, Tokyo, Japan)

Favorite Quote

"Be Greater. Be Yourself."