Michelle Wong

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Marketing


Alameda, California

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters are my amazing parents and all my lovely friends. They always have my back no matter what I choose to do or try to accomplish. I love every single one of you forever. Without you all, I wouldn't be where I am today and I thank you for that.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Some of my favorite memories include staying up all night with close friends laughing, watching movies, listening to music, and sharing stories. During these moments, I learn a lot about my friends, but most importantly I'm discovering myself at the same time. It feels good to be completely yourself around other people without having to hold back, and I thank my friends for accepting all of me.

My Next Chapter

I will be a marketing intern for a company based in SF, which I am super excited about! I ultimately want to get into grad school for an MBA program, but that won't be until later on. In the meantime, I will take it easy and have fun because I deserve it.

Favorite Quote

Don't you want a little taste of the glory? See what it tastes like?
— Ignacio