Nesther Fernandez

Bachelor of Science: Psychology




San Bruno, California

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters have been Dr. Cotton and Dr. Herrera. They have helped me get through the school year and plan for my future. I have learned so much from them both. Dr. Cotton has helped me plan for graduate school, as well as helped me find passion in Psychology, by working with children. Dr. Herrera has helped me plan for graduate school and find an amazing minor through Anthropology.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite memory on campus would be my freshman year when I used to hang out in De La Salle’s lobby all the time. I made a lot of amazing friends spending time there and it became a very popular hang out spot. Another favorite memory is when I studied abroad in Italy during my Junior Year with my girlfriend Kimberly Wesley.

My Next Chapter

I am excited to say that I will be attending Boston College next fall where I will be doing my masters in Mental Health Counseling Psychology. I will then be applying to PhD programs so that I can become Licensed Counseling Psychologist. So that I am able to help underrepresented Black and LatinX communities with their mental health.

Clubs and Activities

- High Potential Program
- Psychology Club
- Worked as a Registered Behavior Technician for children with Autism

Favorite Quote

Human Dignity + Compassion = Peace
— Mr. Simon, “That’s What I Am”