Nickolas Hilton

Bachelor of Science: Business Administration: Marketing & Digital Media


Magna Cum Laude


Sacramento, California

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters would start with my parents who have always been there to help me through anything. My little sister, Madrey, is also at Saint Mary's and I could always count on her if I ever asked her for a favor. Over my 4 years at Saint Mary's my roommates and friends have been with me every step of the way so I want to give them a shoutout.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite Saint Mary's memory would have to be playing volleyball with my best friends and traveling to compete in tournaments.

My Next Chapter

I plan on running my online tutoring company after leaving Saint Mary's but I also am going to keep looking for job opportunities around the Bay Area.

Clubs and Activities

Study Abroad - Florence

Favorite Quote

We don't stop playing because we grow old; we grow old because we stop playing.
— George Bernard Shaw