Nikki Phan

Bachelor of Arts: Anthropology


East Asian Studies


Magna Cum Laude
Margaret Mead


Cupertino, California

Award Bio

Nikki Phan is an Anthropology major and East Asian studies minor from Cupertino, California. During her time at SMC, she has worked at the Intercultural Center as a student leader initiating Diversity Education in her sophomore year, and as the graphic designer in her senior year. She has also completed internships with the Anthropology Department and Worthwhile Research & Consulting.

My Greatest Supporters

My mom, the professional & student staff at the Intercultural Center, Drs. Dana Herrera & AndrĂ¡s Margitay-Becht, Naoko Uehara, and my wonderful friends! I appreciate all of the time and energy you put into helping me get through my college experience. Thank you for the many treasured memories and loving support throughout my education and graduation.