Obinna Ikeme

Master of Arts in Kinesiology


Oakland, Ca.

My Greatest Supporters

My parents, my rocks or support, Diala, Chinyere & Joy Ikeme. Nothing is possible without y’all!

My siblings Ekene, Onyinyechi, and Ugochi for keeping sane along my journey and putting up with my, more than occasional, nonsense.

And my friends and family who’ve had my back along my path!

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Spending an entire night with Matt Delmartini working on a Sports Administration Budgeting project. We we down 1 group member, who shall remain nameless, and we had to slap each other silly to stay awake in order to finish. Couldn’t have been more proud of a ‘B’ grade in my life!

My Next Chapter

I recently relocated to Las Vegas, Nevada to be close to my daughter and continue my career in fitness with the hopes of expanding my network and reach