Rachel J. Kuiper

Master of Arts in Counseling, School Psychology With a School Psychology Credential


Walnut Creek, CA

My Greatest Supporters

My husband, Cole, for encouraging me to explore a new career after entering my 30's. My sister for mentoring me about the path I chose. My parents and brother, for listening to countless stories about school around the firepit. My father-in-law, for making the decision to return to school a no-brainer. My FRIENDS for being simply amazing!

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My greatest SMC memories are the moments making small connections and lifelong friends with others in the Counseling department and School Psych cohort. My first assessment class with Jodi Couick also holds a special place in my heart. And I'll never forget bringing my pup Sullivan along for a class demonstration about animal therapy!

My Next Chapter

I look forward to working as a school psychologist serving high school students with diverse academic and mental health needs. My days will be filled with assessment, counseling, and consulting with educators and families. I can't wait to have an impact on the communities in which I was raised and support teenagers as they navigate high school and prepare for their adult futures!

Favorite Quote

"Jim Abbott"
— -Henry Pollard