Rupal Prashant Tank

Master of Science in Accounting


Graduating With Honors
Master of Science in Accounting


Modesto, CA

Award Bio

Being a third-generation accountant, Rupal Prashant Tank's love for numbers came to her at a young age. With a Bachelor's in Accounting and a Chartered Accountant license in India, she has over a decade of professional experience in the accounting field. She was awarded the Highest GPA SEBA Dean’s Award for 2020–2021 in the MS Accounting Program. As a volunteer of the Yogi Divine Society, she practices Atmiyata, living in harmony with self, family, and society.

My Greatest Supporters

My strong motivation and my greatest support are my husband and my little angel. They helped me tremendously thorough out my master’s degree. My spiritual mentors, my Parents, my family, my friends from spiritual society are my cheer leaders.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My cohort was a great group of people. I made many lifetime friends. The group studies and projects were fun activities.

My Next Chapter

After graduating from Saint Mary's College of California, I landed with a great opportunity in a biggest CPA firm in the Modesto Area in California. The next goal of my career is to become a CPA.

Favorite Quote

"Dear Almighty God! Please give me strength to live in harmony(Atmiyata) with self, family, friends, society and environment in my life." - His Divine Holiness Hari Prasad Swamiji Maharaj (A spiritual master of Swaminarayan Yogi Divine Society).