Samuelu Poueu

Bachelor of Arts: Kinesiology: Health Promotion


Rohnert Park, California

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters will always be family(Mom, Dad, sisters, brothers, cousins, nieces, and nephews). Strength in numbers. As an adopted boy from American Samoa, my family has loved and supported me from day one. My biological family has been there for me as well. Good times and bad, trials and tribulations. Their unconditional love and support has been felt since they've come into my life.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

It wasn't until I attended the transfer info session in the Spring of 2018 that I knew that this institution would be where i wanted to complete my undergraduate degree. My 7 and a half-year-old son Dillon, who has been the impetus and catalyst to my return to academia lives in Lafayette. Saint Mary's clearly had the proximity advantage when it came to deciding where I was going to transfer to...

My Next Chapter

My major is Kinesiology with an emphasis in Health Promotion. My heart's goal is to contribute and implement greater Public Health infrastructure within the disenfranchised communities of the Bay Area. I will apply and build a career within the county department of Public Health to begin. "Arrive to learn, leave to serve"

Clubs and Activities

High Potential program and Transfer-Student mentor

Favorite Quote

" Though no one can go back and create a new start; anyone can start now and can create a new ending"- Carl Bard
"The task is to transform society; only the people can do that - not heroes, not celebrities, not stars."- Huey P. Newton
" It all works out in the end. If it's not working out right now; that just means it's not the end."- Anonymous