Scott Hughes

Master of Arts in Teaching Leadership


Redondo Beach, CA

My Greatest Supporters

I'm eternally grateful for my incredible wife and three children and their support through a tumultuous COVID-19 year as a music teacher and graduate student. I'm also indebted to the KSOE MATL program professors - Dr. Reavis, Dr. Rambo, Dr. Lane, and Dr. Welch. Thank you for all of your inspiration and perseverance with our cohort this year!

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

During one final presentation, my group planned a time for sharing stories related to formative school experiences, and our fellow colleagues and professors shared their own life-shaping moments from growing up. It was amazing to see the impact that teachers have on students' lives - both positive and negative - as well as the ways that individuals grow from those experiences.

My Next Chapter

Rather than looking at opportunities in the public school system being either in a teaching versus administrative role, the MATL program has shown me what it means to be a true "teacher leader." As the only music teacher for the elementary grades in my district, I am now working to position myself as an educational leader that can measurably impact student learning and experiences.

Favorite Quote

“Until we are all free, we are none of us free. ”
— Emma Lazarus