Sophia Warren

Bachelor of Arts: Economics: Sustainability Studies




Cum Laude


Aurora, Colorado

My Greatest Supporters

I am grateful for the support of my parents as mentors, friends and providers of this wonderful education. The unending support from my three brothers and their partners. The many guiding forces of my learning and growing at SMC: Manisha Anantharaman, Shaunna Vella, Shawny Anderson, Catherine Davalos, and David Quijada.
And to the funniest, most understanding and inspiring circle of friends.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Too many to count! My favorite memories of college are the mundane moments on campus, laying in a hammock and chatting with anyone and everyone who walked by. I also must mention my time in Puerto Rico over Jan Term 2019. This experience gave me passion, inspiration and perspective along with a group of the most salt-of-the-earth humans that I still call my closest friends.

My Next Chapter

I will be working at an outdoors kids camp with some friends in the Bay Area this summer. After that, I am hoping try an internship in the sustainability field this fall until I leave for Australia for a year in 2022. I am excited to try on many hats in the coming years to discern my calling. This path may include environmental justice research, land rights policy, filmmaking or journalism.

Clubs and Activities

Saint Mary's College Dance Company
Vice President of Green Gaels Environmental Club
Hammock Club
Center for International Studies Peer Mentor
Surfrider's Club
Intramural Soccer

Favorite Quote

“I’ve heard it said that sometimes, in return for the gifts of earth, gratitude is enough. It is our unique human gift to express thanks, because we have the awareness and the collective memory to remember that the world can well be otherwise, less generous than it is. But I think we are called to go beyond cultures of gratitude, to once again become cultures of reciprocity. “
— Robin Kimmerer, Braiding Sweetgrass