Taylor Niznak

Bachelor of Arts: Communication


Fresno, California

My Greatest Supporters

My greatest supporters are my family and friends. My family provided their unconditional love and endless support in every way they could. I couldn't thank them enough for always believing in me. Without them I wouldn't be where I am today. My friends assisted in creating the best college experience I could have imagined, both socially and academically.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

My favorite Saint Mary's memory would have to be the Saint Marys basketball games. Working for the event day marketing team, I got to watch every home basketball game with court-side seating as well as the unforgettable , life-long friendships I've developed over the years.

My Next Chapter

For my next chapter, I plan on traveling this summer before I return to my new role as an IT consultant at Bridgepointe Technologies. I plan on moving across the bridge to San Francisco where I can be close to friends, and continue to network and build relationships.