Tom Muyunga-Mukasa

Bachelor of Arts: Politics


Westwood, California

My Greatest Supporters

The SMC Community has been my greatest fall back support and family. I made the decision to return to College, applied through the Common Admissions App to several Colleges. Then, Saint Mary's sent a great looking mail. it was my acceptance letter! That started my SMC journey.

Favorite Saint Mary's Memory

Prayer time at the Marian Grotto in the forest park! Up the hill where that bright cross looks upon Moraga! The tree of life and swing all stress away! The Library! The Brothers' Residence and dinners with them! The walks at night despite Coyotes and Mountain lions at least the turkeys and squirrels were my guards! The SMC Community!

My Next Chapter

One day I want to be able to confidently say I am a Political Science and Public Health Scholar! I want to write books on race, poverty, wealth, nature conservation and the dignity of racial harmony. I want to write fiction thrillers to make into films, documentaries and movies. One day I shall contribute to a foundation dedicated to facilitating the real SMC diversity and inclusion activities.

Clubs and Activities

Collegian Contributor
Best Buddies
Reading Partners SF Bay Area
Republican Party Students
Democratic Party Students
Student Leadership
Class of 2020 Chairperson
MMC/Lasallian Clubs
Green Dot

Favorite Quote

"The task of the modern educator is not to cut down jungles, but to irrigate deserts.”
— C.S. Lewis